Matthew 5:6 shows us how to be truly satisfied, but we truly thirst and hunger after righteousness?  I know I have fallen short of that or just do the bare minimum to do what God wants me to do.  So what can we do to fix that?

Today, we focus on ways to strive after the mindset of being "all in" in going after righteousness!  Please be inspired and remember to keep your eyes on Jesus!

The word meek is often seen as a weak trait yet we see it in Matthew 5 as one of the beatitudes in the sermon on the mount.  We dive into the trait of being meek and how being meek can actually grow your faith in Christ!

Do we mourn over the right things?  Do we mourn over things that are finite or things that last for eternity?  We dive into Matthew 5:4 and see what that verse entails for our journey of faith. 


For our challenge, we focus on looking at our lives and what we should mourn over to get closer to Jesus in our faith!

The sermon on the mount has been known as on of the most influential sermons of all time, but have you really dove into what Jesus was trying to preach to us.  Today, we focus on Matthew 5:4 and go through what it means to be "poor in spirit".  Afterwards, we focus in how to challenge us to give ourselves to God no matter what circumstance we may be in.


Article from the show: https://irememberthepoor.org/3-2/

We are dealt different cards when we are born.  Some are born well off with others growing up in bad situations.  What is great is that Christ can find you no matter if you are at your highest or at your lowest.  Our guest today (Erik Allen) describes has amazing story of how Jesus found Him and how he accepted Christ into his life!


For our challenge, we focus on Romans 12:6-8 and how we all have a purpose for God in our journey if we give  control to Jesus!

In order to glean anything from the Bible, we can't just read it, but we have to act on it.  Our episode title is a very important motto to our guest, Ryan Sweat.  Listen to why we need to go through being engaging, challenging, and practical in order to grow our faith.  In addition, learn how Ryan applies this to his passion of helping young adults and teens grow in their faith in Jesus. 

For our challenge, we focus on John 15:12-13 as well as 1 Cor. 13 and how these verses can show us how to truly love others in ways that Jesus would do to others!

Many people believe that the Bible can only be used in a non-fiction manner to lead others to Christ.  However, what if we could write amazing stories with the Bible as a foundation to lead others to Jesus!  Well, our guest today has accomplished that!  Kristen Hogrefe Parnell is an award author who has written fiction in order to bring others towards the truth of Jesus!  Be inspired at her journey and learn about how the Rogues Trilogy can be relevant to our modern times.

For our challenge, we focus on 1 Cor. 10:31 and how you can glorify God in your current capacity!

God bless my friends!

For more information on Kristen, please go to: https://kristenhogrefeparnell.com/

Join us as we bring special guest David Waddell on the show to discuss how beneficial it is to find your story in the stories of the Bible.  Be amazed at how David finds ways to intermingle sports and Christ to help people grow in their faith.  In our challenge, we find out why finding your story and comparing that to a story in the Bible will grow your faith in leaps and bounds! 


Welcome to season two of Finish Last!  This week we talk to Dr. Marcia Ledford.  Listen as we discuss how she incorporates being an episcopal priest and a civil rights attorney.  Be challenged by the parable of the Persistent Widow from Luke 18 and how that story is relevant today!  God bless you my friends!

We often hear of the phrase "political correctness" and how it can create a divide among people.  In Christianity, there is a term that creates that same division called "Biblical Correctness" or people that use the Bible against others for the wrong reasons.  I share in my life what has happened recently with the above term and how we need to find ways to create conversations and not generate divides. 

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